Bishop Joshua Gilliam

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Resurrection Anglican Church is led by God through His servant Bishop Gilliam as its rector. He was born and raised in the Concord/ Kannapolis area and lives in Enochville with his wife, Nelva and their five children, Paola, Addison, Emmanuel, Elijah, and Zoe.  

Father Gilliam graduated from Concord High School and studied music under Betty Williams of Concord who was his voice teacher for several years.  He is a graduate of Queens University in Charlotte, NC  where he completed his B.A. with a major in Spanish and a concentration in Music.  What a joy to hear him sing.  God’s drawing led him to experience Him in many different and varied ways, but he was always drawn to the liturgy.  Father Gilliam developed a particular love of the liturgy and the sacraments which led him into the Orthodox Anglican Church.   

Father GIlliam completed his Masters of Divinity through Liberty Theology Seminary in Virginia, and the Doctor of Ministry from  Hood Theological Seminary in Salisbury, NC. 

Father Gilliam says, “The Bible, The Creeds, and the worship of the church as found in the Book of Common Prayer (1928) are the tools available to Orthodox Anglicans to help them stand firmly upon the Scriptures and understand that culture does not dictate our beliefs.”   He explains that he loves the way that Orthodox Anglicans stand firmly on Christ as revealed in the  Bible and that it does not need to be interpreted in light of modern social inventions. 

Father Gilliam was ordained as an Anglican priest on April 25 2014 and received into the Orthodox Anglican Church in 2020.

Father Gilliam says, “breaking open the word of God to the people of God is the highest of vocations because it reaches into the heart of God.  Pastors today must take seriously the call to preach, which is a call to prepare.”  His parishioners love his sermons because of his diligence in defining and applying the scripture to their daily lives. 

The clergy and parishioners of Saint Nicholas Orthodox Anglican Chruch welcome and opens its doors to all people to be transformed as we "Exalt Jesus and Worship Him."

Vicar: Monroe Mission

Father Jeremy Roseman

Father Roseman was ordained a Priest in the Orthodox Anglican Church by the Rt Revd Thomas Gordon on October 10, 2020. He received his B.A. in Christian Missions from Pfeiffer University and an M.A. in Global Apologetics from Liberty. He has done extensive research in Christian Apologetics in relation to other religions. His graduate thesis defended the concept of grace in Christianity to that of Shin Buddhism, a Japanese sect. He has served on a number of short-term missions overseas including campus evangelism with Campus Crusade and teaching English in South Korea.

He now serves at Saint John the Baptist Orthodox Anglican Church in Monroe, NC, and teaches Anglican Apologetics at Saint Andrew's Theological College and Seminary.


Father Brendon Helms

Father Helms is a graduate of Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina where he completed his B.S. in History, Secondary Education. He completed his Master of Arts in both Biblical Studies (2010) and Philosophy (2015) at Southern Evangelical Seminary in Matthews, NC. His master’s thesis is titled Between Scepticism and Fallacies: A Response to Richard Pervo’s Dating Acts. Currently he is working on His Doctorate of Sacred Theology at St. Andrew Theological Seminary. His dissertation is focused on examining the intersection of Thomistic philosophy and theology with modern addiction studies.

Professionally he is a financial advisor. In the past he has worked as a high school history teacher, a Youth Pastor for two different churches, and an Instructional Designer at Southern Evangelical Seminary. Brendon was also the Co-founder of Ratio Christi, an international apologetics ministry to college students. He is an active member of the Evangelical Theological Society, Evangelical Philosophical Society, and the Catholic Philosophical Society. Previously, he was the Chair of the Southeast Regional Evangelical Philosophical Society.

Brendon lives in Concord, NC with his wife Elizabeth and six children. He serves as the assisting Priest at Saint Nicholas Orthodox Anglican Church in Landis, NC.


Deacon Arthur Walker

Biography and Photo Pending

Postulants: Men in Vocations

Current Postulants:

Mr. Paul Miller

Mr. Ryan Thomas

Lay Deaconess

Nelva Gilliam


As a Lay Deaconess my goal is to assist in the work of the parish under the direction of our Priest. I assist in our ministry to Latinos, women's ministry, assisting the poor, and families in need.  As an Orthodox Anglican I am confident that I am bringing those most in need to a place of theological stability and faith.

Current Vestry


    Carolyn Tucker (Senior Warden)

    Philip Murph, Jr. (Treasurer)

    Crystal Brown

    Twila Eidman

    Ryan Thomas

    Tony Hannibal

Buildings and Grounds Management

Wayne Fowler


Mr. Wayne Fowler began with Sait Nick's  early in its conception. He has assisted in many events and ministries, such as the Men's Ministry, event planning, outreach, and worship and ushering. Wayne has served as senior warden. His leadership has allowed Saint Nicholas Orthodox Anglican Church to experience growth and consistency and stands in line with our philosophy and vision as established by our Spiritual and Administrative Leadership.  Wayne serves as our Buildings and Grounds Manager.